Eynsham Young Cricketers 

Eynsham Young Cricketers 2023

This year Eynsham CC will be running sessions for 6 different groups for boys and girls as follows. Squads are mixed-sex unless otherwise stated :-

All Stars  
Coach:       Patrick Arnold
Training:    5.15pm to 6pm Fridays   
Contact:    Patrick Arnold 07900000019 eynshamyoungcricketers@gmail.com

U11 Softball  
Coaches:   Jon Rundle/Jana Rundle 
TMs:           Jon Rundle/Jana Rundle 
Training:    6.15pm to 7.30pm Fridays 
Contact:    Jana Rundle 07789777823 janarundle@gmail.com

U11 Hardball
Coaches:   Sam Monk/Jon Emberson 
TMs:           Sam Monk/Jon Emberson 
Training:    6.15pm to 7.30pm Fridays 
Contact:     Sam Monk 07976191064 monksmaplehouse@gmail.com
                    Jon Emberson 07590433368 jonathan.emberson@icloud.com

U13 Hardball 
Coaches:    Jennie & Scott McGibbon  
TMs:            Jennie & Scott McGibbon 
Training:     6.00pm to 7.30pm Fridays 
Contact:      Jennie McGibbon 07791692837 mcgibbon39@gmail.com

U13 Girls Hardball 
Coaches:    Sam Monk/Jon Emberson 
TMs:            Sam Monk/Jon Emberson 
Training:     5.00pm to 6.15pm Fridays
Contact:      Sam Monk 07976191064 monksmaplehouse@gmail.com
                     Jon Emberson 07590433368 jonathan.emberson@icloud.com

Coaches:    Patrick Arnold/Andy Armstrong 
TM:              Patrick Arnold 
Training:     5.30pm to 7pm Wednesdays  
 Contact:     Patrick Arnold 07900000019 eynshamyoungcricketers@gmail.com
                     Andy Armstrong 07748 292689 andy@armstrong74.co.uk

Fixtures can be found on the main Fixtures page.

If you fall outside this age group but want to play, please come and train and join in some of our academy matches that will be played during the summer, where the possibility to ease yourself into adult cricket also exists.

Remember to keep up to date with news on our eynshamccacademy Facebook page.

Please contact Patrick Arnold on 07900 000019 or email eynshamyoungcricketers@gmail.com for more details about anything to do with youth cricket.