Name: Stephen Cooper

Role: 2nd XI captain, All rounder, Pavilion builder.

Nickname(s): Scoops, fatman scoops

Best Cricketing moment: captaining 2nd XI to cup victory 2015, ( 1st trophy the club had won for years).

Most embarrassing cricketing moment: falling over while attempting to bowl a ball and rolling down the wicket. No one helped

Favourite ECC Player and why?: Ben Smitten. He bats, bowls and keeps wicket. Tour organiser and van gerwin doppelganger. HERO 

Best ECC performance: 53* in cup final 2015 vs Kilkenny 

Favourite ground played at: Caldy Cc (tour 2012)

Least favourite ground: Sunningwell

Most hated opposition: minster lovell 3rds

Describe yourself in 3 words: leader, craftsman. Boozy